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An experience of an immersion into the vibrant tapestry of Saudi Arabian culture. We forge personal connections, weaving you into the fabric of local life, allowing you to experience the warmth and hospitality that defines this remarkable land . We are your passport to the soul of Saudi Arabia, where ancient whispers mingle with the  rhythm of modern life.

Our experiences are

  • Crafted with passion: We curate unique itineraries that go beyond the tourist trail, unveiling hidden gems and authentic encounters.

  • Led by local experts: Our guides are not just repositories of knowledge; they are storytellers, weaving history and tradition into every step of your adventure.

  • Infused with cultural richness: From savoring delectable home-cooked meals to participating in age-old customs, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Saudi Arabia's rich heritage.

So, are you an adventurer with a curious soul? Then join us on an unforgettable odyssey with Abha Trips.

Let us be your guides as you unveil the enchantment of Arabia, one breathtaking sight, one heartwarming encounter, one unforgettable memory at a time.

Embrace the magic. Embrace Abha Trips.





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