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Jazan City and Fifa Mountains Tour

Per Person

  • 6 hr
  • 119 US dollars
  • Jazan

Service Description

Explore the enchanting Faifa Mountains in Saudi Arabia's Jazan Province, a part of the Sarawat range with moderate temperatures, lush green flora, and distinctive jagged rock formations, surrounded by agricultural terraces and iconic crops like coffee and maize. Journey to Jazan City, a vibrant port city on the Red Sea coast known for its top-quality tropical fruit production, followed by a visit to the culturally diverse Jazan Heritage Village on the southern Corniche. Finally, discover the historic Al Dosaria Castle in the heart of Jizan City, an ancient mountain fortress supported by four towers, showcasing the region's rich history. Itinerary: 📍 Faifa Mountains Duration: 5 Hours Begin your day by driving to the serene Faifa Mountains in southwest Saudi Arabia. These mountains, part of the Sarawat range, offer a refreshing change with their moderate temperatures, rugged rock formations, and thriving agricultural terraces, including famous crops like coffee and maize. The mountains' unique twist gives them the appearance of a pyramid from afar. 📍 Jazan City Duration: 1 Hour Next, visit the coastal city of Jazan, the capital of the Jizan Region, known for its large-scale agriculture and top-quality production of tropical fruits like mangoes, figs, and papayas, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Red Sea. 📍 Jazan Heritage Village Duration: 1 Hour Explore the culturally rich Jazan Heritage Village, which proudly stands along the southern Corniche of Jizan. This village beautifully blends the heritage of the past with the diversity of the present, offering a glimpse into the region's cultural and civilizational tapestry. 📍 Al Dosaria Castle Duration: 1 Hour Conclude your journey at the historic Al Dosaria Castle, a mountain fortress located at the center of Jizan City. This ancient structure, perched 150 meters above sea level on Mount Jizan, is supported by four imposing towers, offering insights into the region's captivating history.

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  • Jazan Saudi Arabia



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